Impressive Youngest Saving Group

Today Oxfam group tour to O Kru Kae Primary school located at O Kru Kae Village, Sambor Commune, Prasat Sambor District, Kampong Thom Province where kids have organized their saving groups. Those kids are from grade 6th with age range from 11-12 year old. The saving group starting from May 2016 and they plan to open the safe box and sharing the income from saving in September 2017 while the school vacation is start.

The purposed for saving is to buy schooling materials for their next grade in next schooling calendar. Up to now, the total amount of saving is 10,3000 Riel (about $26). Each member have different amount of saving base of their availability and resource. The saving is make weekly base. Their parent gave them 1,000 Riel for their snack during school day and they save 500 Riel per week to keep in the saving box/safe box.

Each saving group consists of 10 members and they have been elected for the group leader, treasurer/, safe box’s key keeper and safe box’ keeper under observed from their class lecturer. This is so organized structure. The members are recruited base on volunteer.

There are 4 saving groups in this primary school for grade 6th and the teacher are planning to extend this saving concept to the lower grade.

How Amazing these Kids!