Join us to ask World Leaders to open hearts and doors and welcome refugees:

Join us to Juiknia (ជួយគ្នា)

Cambodians know what it’s like to flee horrifying violence and persecution; to leave our homes and everything we know behind to save the lives of our families. But we also know what’s like it be warmly welcomed by strangers in distant countries. That’s why I’m proud to announce Oxfam’s new campaign: #JuiKnia. We want to share stories of hope and kindness from our own refugees and migrants, and call on world leaders to once more open their hearts.

Today, over 65 million people all over the world have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, violence and persecution. These people are among the most vulnerable in the world. However, they are incredibly resilient – they persevere and fight for a better future for themselves and their families, despite not knowing if each day will be their last.  

Forty years ago, the bloody civil war and genocide brought by the Khmer Rouge killed more than 2 million people, a quarter of the then population. Thankfully, many of us were able to escape and start a new life in another country. But what if the world had turned its back and shut the door on us during our time of crisis?​​ 

Cambodian migrants and refugees were welcomed by so many individuals and communities around the world. Slowly, they recovered, and many returned home to help rebuild. Despite our differences, these stories and experiences bring Cambodians together like nothing else. We have learnt that Cambodian values are universal values. We help each other - #JuiKnia

We understand the difficulties and the concerns countries around the world face when welcoming refugees and migrants. However, shutting out  families and children in need only causes further suffering. We have lived through this.

Oxfam is sharing stories of hope - #JuiKnia – to help leaders around the world remember that their countries have welcomed refugees through the ages. Unless the current millions of refugees and migrants are greeted with the same open arms that welcomed Cambodians decades ago, we will only face further crisis, instability and division. We must #JuiKnia. We must #StandasOne

Join us, share your stories of hope and call on world leaders to open their doors and hearts to refugees and migrants! #JuiKnia #HopeReturns #StandasOne