My Voice, My Story is a unique project by CamASEAN, a small Cambodian organisation that advocates for LGBTQI inclusion. It uses participatory photography as a tool for social change. CamASEAN has received an empowerment grant for My Voice, My Story. All photos by: CAMAsean
Kbal Romeas
Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA) trained youth in Kbal Romeas on how to report the story from their villages by using their smartphone, June 2017.
Cambodia is mobilizing a campaign to tell the stories of hope from Cambodia’s refugees and migrants that were welcomed by the world 40 years ago, in a similar time of crisis. These migrants and refugees recovered and are bringing light back to Cambodia. The campaign launched on March 31, 2017...
Oxfam Supports Cambodian Communities Adapt to The Impact of Climate Change
Local communities in Takeo Province, Cambodia, rely heavily on agriculture to sustain their livelihoods. However, climate change is having an impact on how much Takeo farmers can produce on their land. In the last 3 years, droughts have hit the area and critically reduced rice yields. With support...
Saving for Change in Cambodia helps young entrepreneurs save, and build a better life
Saving for Change in Cambodia helps young entrepreneurs save, and build a better life providing alternatives for youth- Oxfam’s partner, the Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC), is helping young people organise Saving for Change groups, and providing training for aspiring entrepreneurs to help...
mekong river
People and their Ecosystem: Protecting Lower Mekong Biodiversity and Resources from Large-Scale Industries Development (PEM) is a collaborative project interfacing the development and conservation efforts to help reduce threats to biodiversity and peoples' livelihoods posed by extractive...
Life and Work as a Street Cleaner
A single mother of five daughters, Sok Sam Oeun turns 73 year-old this year. She takes care four grandchildren whose parents divorced and left. Since she is getting old, she is worried about the future of her grandchildren. All photos by: Oxfam