Enhancing People’s Voices and Solidarity

Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 01:00 to 10:00


Cambodia has become a member state of ASEAN since 1999. Every year, there are many meetings among ASEAN countries both officials and ASEAN leaders to establish development projects, mechanisms and policies to develop ASEAN with participation of ASEAN member states. In addition, ASEAN is driven by a people-centered ASEAN. However, we see that there is small platform for CSOs participation in ASEAN to engage with their governments in establishment of development projects, ASEAN mechanisms and policies. At Cambodia national level, we see a little communication and engagement between Cambodian government and CSOs toconnect Cambodia to ASEAN.

With this regard, Cambodian CSOs created a working group called “Cambodian Civil Society Working Group on ASEAN-CCWA” to engage with Cambodian and ASEAN governments. At ASEAN regional level, CCWA facilitates the engagement of Cambodian CSOs in the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People’s Forum (ACSC/APF). In order to build a strong Cambodian people’s voices to influence Cambodian and ASEAN government for the benefit of the people, CCWA initiated a Cambodian national platform called “Cambodian People Forum (CPF)”. CPF is a Cambodian national CSOs platform to address their pressing issues and concerns over development in Cambodia related to ASEAN regional development agenda and formulate a CSO’s recommendations to be addressed by Cambodian and ASEAN Governments.

With CSO participants from diverse sectors, we have agreed and made the plan among Cambodian civil society for the organizing of CPF 2019 before the ACSC/APF 2019 in Thailand. CPF 2019 will be the national annual gathering of civil society in the Cambodia that will be functioning as the platform to raise and discuss crosscutting issues as land, natural resources, women, youth, investment, etc., in Cambodia and to formulate a CPF position paper and also incorporated into the ACSC/APF statement to submit to Cambodian Government and ASEAN Leaders.


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