Media Training: Violence Against Women for Media Reporter

Media training: Violence against Women for Media Reporters
Friday, December 8, 2017 - 01:00 to 10:00

In contributing to ending violence against women and girls, Oxfam collaborates with Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of Information and Club of Cambodian Journalists to organize a training workshop on "Violence Against Women for Media Reporters" on 8 December 2017 at Orkidee restaurant to 50 journalists from traditional and electronic media.


  1. To equip and sensitize participants on gender concepts, violence against women and violence related laws/policies
  2. To generate engagement of media institutions/journalist join ending violence against women and girls

Expected Results

  1. Participants improve understanding on gender concepts (definitions of gender, gender norms and stereotypes and any gender related causes and consequences attributed by social constructs), causes and consequences of Violence Against Women (VAW) and violence related laws and policies
  2. Participants are more aware of media impact on gender issues and VAW and improve reporting to join ending violence against women


50 media reporters are from print, online, TV and radio in Phnom Penh are invited.


Please click HERE to download the agenda.

Training Coverage

The one day training workshop will be conducted in participatory approaches, including group discussion, brainstorming questions, expert presentation, case studies, practical writing and so on. The training workshop will cover:

  • Gender Stereotype; definition of violence; types of violence; causes and consequences of VAW
  • Laws and policies related to violence against women; Violence and accountability; resolution process (officials in charge and flow of case processing)

  • Presentation of findings ofTAP research on VAW investigated into 5 TV stations

  • Media and Gender Stereotype: Impact, reinforcement and change of perception

  • Case Studies on VAW from TV, radio, print/online news (subject to target group)

  • Media code of conduct for reporting VAW


All the materials are available to DOWNLOAD HERE. These materials include:

  • Media code of conduct on VAWG
  • Gender based violence and impact
  • Violence against women in family and responsibility
  • Law and policies related to VAWG
  • Some example/screenshot of newspaper reporting on VAWG
  • Story about the workshp: Violence Against Women and Girls for Media


For more information about the workshop please contact:
Rathana Sambath
Gender Justice and Youth Program Coordinator, Oxfam
Tel: 023 885 45