Reflection Workshop: Social Protection Program Implementation in 2018 and Planning of 2019 in Cambodia

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 01:00 to Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 10:00


Oxfam has been implementing the second year of Inclusive and Equitable Social Protection for Marginalized Workers in ASEAN 2017-2021. This program is focusing on increased effectiveness of national advocacy for more inclusive social protection frameworks, implemented by capacitated citizens. This program enrolls in the thematic “Decent Work” and its strategic objective to promoting decent work for sustainable, equitable, solidarity and inclusive development. We contribute to two specific objectives: "Social Protections for All" and "Promotion of Social Dialogue for All."

We are obtaining national impact by using a combination of strategies: (i) working with a wider constituency of marginalized workers’ groups, (ii) creation of national and widely supported advocacy coalitions for specific demands for social protection (SP), (iii) ensuring that representatives are empowered for social dialogue, competences and members’ support, (iv) ability to create advocacy opportunities via media, public campaigns and lobby-work, (v) cooperation across borders in regional networks to jointly monitor the roll out of the ASEAN Action Plan for SP with focus on 3 crucial issues: increased inclusiveness, reduced gender gap and increased financing of SP. Oxfam is working with 15 partners in 3 countries, 1 partner at regional and 2 stakeholders at regional level. We expect positive impact in terms of increased social and economic resilience for about 200,000 citizens in 3 countries.

In Cambodia, this program works with 6 partners: C.CAWDU, CCFC, CFSWF, IDEA, Us and YRDP, who are working with different groups of informal economy sectors to promote inclusive and equitable SP.

Oxfam together with 6 local partners organize the Reflection and Planning Workshop to wrap up the results, learning points, and recommendations from the first year of program implementation and to give appreciate from such efforts. As part of the learning, it would eventually inform local partners including Oxfam in Cambodia for better program design, intervention, and implementation on SP in the coming years.


During the workshop participants are able:

  • To receive an updating on new development and progress in the relation to SP in Cambodia.
  • To share the achievements, lessons learnt from the second-year program implementation including policy influencing, people and women empowerment, gender equality, organizational development; and challenges/threats and coping mechanisms.
  • To provide opportunity to local women leaders to give testimony on their roles and experience.
  • To learn and reflect on gender in SP program implementation; and financing SP.
  • To provide feedbacks/recommendations for better implementation of SP program effectively and efficiency.
  • To develop the third year of program activities plan.
  • To learn other SP project implementation through field visit and art performance.

Venue: Battambang province

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