6th Celebration of International Street Vendors’ Day

6th Celebration of International Street Vendors’ Day

The International Street Vendors Day started since November 14, 2012. It is a day to celebrate the incredible contributions made by street vendors to their families, communities, and national economy. It is a day to raise street vendors’ voice and promote street vendors’ rights around the world.

This year, Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA) with a support from Oxfam and other partners had organized the 6th Celebration of International Street Vendors’ Day at IDEA’s office. There were 150 participants (80% female) from street vendors, domestic workers, Tuk Tuk drivers, IDEA’s staff and representative of civil organizations.

The theme of the Sixth International Street Vendors’ Day is “Stop Harassment & Violence Against Street Vendors Around the World”. They also advocate for:

  • Local authorities to establish dialogue with street vendors’ organizations.
  • Recognize the right to street vendors in public spaces under fair and reasonable conditions, sanitation and hygiene; and to maintain natural markets.
  • Street vendors offer affordable choices for consumers at convenient locations and times.
  • Street vendors have the right to fair and transparent allocation of permits and licenses.
  • Royal government of Cambodia to establish child care centers for street vendors.
  • Local authorities to effectively implement the declaration of government no.11 S.R. on stop collecting of fee from street vendors in the market.
  • Recognize street vendors as informal workers and provide them the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and/or Heal Equity Fund (HEF) cards.

“Thank IDEA for organizing this important event for remembering and providing knowledge to public on the important and incredible contributions of street vendors,” said Solinn Lim, Oxfam Country Director.

Oxfam has actively participated and worked with partners and stakeholders at national and international level to improve sustainable economic status of marginalized workers in both formal and informal groups through recommendations and dialogues with decision makers to expand the scope of financial and social protection services more effectiveness and equity.

Oxfam applauses the royal government of Cambodia (RGC) for approving and implementing the National Social Protection Policy Framework (NSPPF), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and Heal Equity Fund (HEF). Currently, the government consults with development partners on the pilot to integrate and contribution of informal workers such as domestic workers, tuk-tuk drivers and construction workers into the NSSF, as a good opportunity to expand and response to the needs and benefits of formal and informal workers. Regarding to this pilot, we have a strongly expectation that the RGC will be continuing and expand service to street vendors.

Oxfam continues to cooperation, engagement and motivation RGC to continue to support marginalize informal and formal workers to widely social protection schemes.

Oxfam encourage everyone and workers to continue study relevant legal documents, procedures and provide feedback as much as possible for the effectiveness of the implementation of national policies and prakas.

Again, “Street Vendors have actively and incredibility contributed to the improvement of families and national economy”. “Street Vendors have equal rights as informal workers in other sectors”. Therefore, they should be provided a social protection and welfare and their rights should be respected.

All programs designing and implementation must consider the participation of informal workers and with gender responsive.

Photo: IDEA