Convening Networking Coalition Building

Women Farmer Champions
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oxfam together with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Forestries, partners and I/NGOs stakeholders coordinated in building a network of 100 women farmers champion from 24 provinces across Cambodia. Photo: Oxfam

Oxfam is acting as a facilitator/broker, by creating space for dialogue between CSO, Government agencies and private sector. Oxfam helps the Royal Government of Cambodia and Private Sector to perceive CSOs as a crucial ally, rather than an adversary. However, Oxfam remain conscious to maintain the autonomy and position as a supporter of poor and marginalized people, and demand social accountability from power-holders for fair democratic and development processes.

Moreover, Oxfam act as thought-leader/ enabler and provide tools and help NGOs to be informed about stakeholders, and power relationship for CSO to develop and implement effective advocacy strategies in various sectors. We help leverage partnership and connect local and national to regional and global networks to achieve the desired goal.


Promoting women’s groups

Oxfam provides support to local and international partners building coalitions and championing women’s rights, young women groups, youth-led organizations, trade unions and associations tonurture critical knowledge and consciousness of women’s rights, labor rights and civic engagement.

Women Farmer Champions

Oxfam and partners have been working to establish a women farmer network across the country. The network brings voice to women farmer’s concerns and challenges as well as promoting socioeconomic development to ensure sustainable food security in Cambodia.

Industry-Aligned Forums

Oxfam acts as both convener and participant in forums that involves governments, civil society organizations, community people, and private sectors.
The Extractive Industry Governance Forum, the CSR Forum, EIA technical team and the Free, Prior, Informed, Consent (FPIC) coordination group are all examples multi-stakeholder forums can bring the issues to the table and solutions to the fore such as;