Drought Resilience

Drought and Water Management

Paper publication date: 
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“DROUGHT RESILIENCE” is the theme of season 1, PROJECT 4, implemented by the Department of Media and Communication with funding support from Oxfam and Swedish Postcode Foundation. This piece portrays the issues of drought and water management of Cambodian farmers who live in different areas of Kompong Thom, Pursat, and Takeo provinces. The content is available as 5-short video documentaries and 5-photo stories (pdf attached). The 5-photo stories are presented here, and 5-short video documentaries are in a separate DVDs with these synopsises below. Please click the title to see the video.

LAKE OF LIFE (7:37 mins)

Boeung Riel is a historic lake in Kompong Thom province where is shrinking, under the threats of illegal logging and fishing. In response, local authorities and NGOs initiated a dam project in an attempt to maintain the water level throughout the dry season.

THE DAM OF HOPE (8:43 mins)

Water shortage is a main concern for the residents in Dambok Mouyroy and Steung Dach village, Pursat province. The issue affected the daily lives of the villagers as well as directly impacted the farmers’ livelihood. Hence, a new irrigation system to maintain water is constructed and offered the villagers the new hope.

THIRSTY RICE (8:11 mins)

Rice farming is a common career for those living in Traing district, Takeo province. The water shortage, which escalated with the delayed rainfall is a main issue of the villagers who depends on rice production. With this concern, the System of Rice Intensification was introduced to aid the local rice farmers.

DROP OF WATER (8:11 mins)

The DRI-P system is a technique that manages water use when planting crops. The method has been applying by villagers in Kompong Kor commune, Kompong Thom province, as it uses less water, consumes less time, and requires less human energy than other methods.


Due to water shortage, farmers have been introduced Raining Water Harvesting for farming and planting during the dry season. Raining Water Harvesting helps farmers to store rain and pond water, so they can continue to hydrate their crops druing the dry season.