Future Role of INGOs in Cambodia

Paper author: 
Oxfam Cambodia
Paper publication date: 
Monday, January 11, 2016

Cambodia has received aid assistance for 35 years, LNGO are establishing regional and global networks, demands by established People's Organisations are increasingly being heard; and recent political, social and economic changes in Cambodia need to be considered by INGO in future planning. In mid-2014 Oxfam commissioned a review of the 2012 Discussion Paper that identified INGO roles as generating knowledge, convener and global networker.

Respondents in 2014 identified similar themes: 1). INGOs review their future role and develop an Organisational Development Plan; 2). Facilitate an enabling environment with inclusive partnerships that build bridges between CSO, government and Development Partners for sustained collaboration; 3). Increase CSO knowledge, skills and strategies to leverage international networks and apply successful global experiences; and 4). Improve INGO coordination, communication, cooperation. As in 2012, respondents agreed if in 20 years, there exists a robust, vibrant civil society that effectively engages with government and this leads to their development, then INGO efforts would be successful. Oxfam prioritises this goal, which is central to this Discussion Paper.