Oxfam's Quaterly Newsletter, Pineeh Pinooh

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pineeh Pinooh means “about this and that” and it refers to simple conversations on various topics ranging from domestic to political affairs that matter to everybody. It is a quaterly newsletter. We want Pineeh Pinooh to contribute to knowledge sharing and learning with regard to Cambodia’s socio-economic and democratic developments. It therefore seeks to work with our partners and supporters, donors as well as fellow Oxfam colleagues, to better share lessons learned and tell impact stories of the people we work with and to bring to light policy opportunities to help the Cambodian people we work with as they work hard to sustain their escapes from poverty. Below is a summary of the content for each issue and link to the digital and PDF version. 


Our Stories

  • Rainbow Love
  • Clean Energy: The Future
  • Poverty, Income and Social Inequalities
  • Improving Rights to Land
  • Supporting Women Farmers, Building Their Confidence
  • When Women Are Left Out
  • Youth Debates on Fiscal Governance


  • H.E. Dr. Ing Kanthaphavi, Minister of Ministry of Women's Affairs
  • H.E. George Edgar, EU Ambassador to Cambodia
  • Mr Om Savath, Executive Director, Fisheries Action Coalition Team
  • Ms Sor San, Young Entrepreneur

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Our stories

  • Innovative Farming Practices Lead to Food and Financial Security
  • Community Scoring for Social Accountability
  • Understanding Her Rights to Ensure Her Safety
  • My Problem, My Solutions
  • Rice Farmers to Use Technology for Fair Prices
  • Say No to Plastic! Oxfam Team Cleans The Streets
  • Living in Fear, a Price Too Steep for People of Mekong


  • H.E. Say Samal, Minister, Ministry of Environment
  • Ms Kounila Keo, Young Entrepreneur and Blogger
  • Ms Dam Chanthy, Indegenous Tumpoun, Director of Highlander Association
  • Mr Ret Sovannpunleu, Outreach Worker, Men's Health Cambodia

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