Research study: Cambodia's citizen's awareness and access to information on social protection schemes

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Under its program in social protection, Oxfam is to implement a project to complement the National Social Protection Council’s (NSPC) initiative of developing a National Social Protection Broadcasting Mechanism within the framework of the National Social Protection Policy Framework (NSSPF).

The overall objective of the project is to broadcast comprehensive and consistent narratives on both social assistance and social security schemes to the entire population of Cambodia. The project will support the NSPC in establishing a nationwide broadcasting communication mechanism and infrastructure that will also serve as a powerful national emergency broadcast system for shock responsive social protection, such as in pandemics or floods.

The project will also bring voices of vulnerable Cambodians to the forefront to support the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC)’s ambition to build a more shock responsive social protection system. Without clear and effective communication on the various COVID-19 social protection measures announced by the RGC, the situation of the most affected could become worse without the knowledge on how to access the available schemes. Unclear messages would leave the intended beneficiaries of this project confused and increase the mistrust in the system. In parallel, the project will focus on supporting the urban and rural poor, elderly persons and persons with disabilities across all 25 provinces in Cambodia in accessing accurate and comprehensive information about various schemes.