Technical Assistance and Skills Transfer

Leading the Way for Gender Equality (LWGE)
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Oxfam signed partnership agreement with Ministry of Women’s Affairs to support the Ministry’sthree-year program on 'Leading the Way for Gender Equality (LWGE)’. Photo: Samnang Hour/Oxfam

Oxfam’s “local to international” experiences enable us to offer a unique set of appropriate and proven technical assistance skills to our partners. We do this by working alongside our partners and by building capacity so that they can operate efficiently.


Gender is at the heart of everything we do. Oxfam has done an analysis on various tools to engender our work appropriately.

Gender Responsive Budgeting is to access the impact of the national budget and the policies and programs that its funds on women and men, boys and girls. It ensures that gender relatedissues are considered and  addressed in all national policies and programs with adequate resources for the implementation.

Gender Action Learning (GAL) is a community-led empowerment methodology using specific participatory processes and diagram tools which aims to give women as well as men more control over their lives as the basis for individual, household, community and organisational development.

Gender Road Map a couple-based gender transformative model to address unequal power relations at household as well community levels but working closely and face to face with family members facing gender based violence and living in a poor condition.

Saving for Change

Oxfam helps NGO partners bring ‘Saving for Change’ to over 140,000 people – mostly women struggling to build household finances. This unique microfinance product refined in markets around the world, fosters household savings, financial management skills, community cohesion,and women’s leadership. The groups also serve as a robust platform for a wide range ofcommunity and development agendas including entrepreneurship, reproductive health, youthself-esteem, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, agricultural extension, and social safety nets.

Private Sector Engagement

Given the importance of the role played by private companies in the sustainable development of Cambodia Oxfam actively assists companies build inclusive, responsible and sustainable investments, which benefit both company and community. Most recently we have brought global expertise on Responsible business and Free, Prior, Inform and Consent (FPIC) concepts to agribusiness and extractive industries sectors. Oxfam also assists local community in their negotiation and engagement with companies.