Tuktuk Groups, IDEA

TukTuk Group, IDEA
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA) was established in 2005 as an informal worker association to protect and promote rights and interest of marginalized informal workers in Cambodia. Since it was established IDEA has become the first workers’ association to actively work to improve working condition and livelihood of thousands of informal workers.

IDEA has approximately 14,000 members from Phnom Penh and 5 provinces in Cambodia. That includes Tuk Tuk drivers, taxi drivers, street vendors, cart pullers, and domestic workers. These members have been organized, mobilized, and empowered to effectively demand towards the government and private sector for their rights to social protection and decent living conditions.

Twenty three groups (9,424 members) of Tuk Tuk have been organized, mobilized and empowered. As a member of IDEA, Tuk Tuk hasdrivers have been receiving supports on:

  • Legal services when involved in traffic accidents
  • Negotiation with government agencies and private sectors for parking spaces
  • Access to NSSF’s ID card for free health care and accident
  • Advocate for the rights to get social protection benefits like the formal workers
  • Capacity building to be able assist members in dealing with both labour related issues and life cycle issues.

Their local leaders and activists actively participate in organizing, planning, conducting outreach and awareness activities; and engaging in advocacy and policy influencing.