Pineeh Pinooh Issue 1

Oxfam in Cambodia's Quaterly Newsletter

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Friday, November 30, 2018
Pineeh Pinooh issue 1: Khmer I English


I am very excited to share with you the inaugural issue of our Pineeh Pinooh quarterly newsletter. This title was overwhelmingly selected by our enthusiastic colleagues and friends who helped us launch it. Literally, Pineeh Pinooh means “about this and that” and it refers to simple conversations on various topics ranging from domestic to political affairs that matter to everybody.

We want Pineeh Pinooh to contribute to knowledge sharing and learning with regard to Cambodia’s socio-economic and democratic developments. It therefore seeks to work with our partners and supporters, donors as well as fellow Oxfam colleagues, to better share lessons learned and tell impact stories of the people we work with and to bring to light policy opportunities to help the Cambodian people we work with as they work hard to sustain their escapes from poverty. READ MORE

Innovative Farming Practices Lead to Food and Financial Security

Climate change has created untimely drought, unseasonal rain and flooding, affecting farmer livelihoods. Oxfam collaborates with a local organization, RACHANA, to conduct training sessions on climate resilient agriculture techniques, to prepare villagers to have more sustainable food sources and livelihoods in the future.  READ MORE





Oxfam has been supporting Cambodia’s development since 1979, making it the first INGO operating inside Cambodia during the controversial post-Khmer Rouge genocide period. Oxfam in Cambodia works in a wide range of programs advocating for women Economic Empowerment, Livelihoods for vulnerable groups, Natural Resource Governance, Climate Change Resilience and Sustainable Energy, Financial Inclusion, Social Protection and Decent works, Sustainable and Climate Resilient Agriculture, Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Relief, Civic Engagement and Financing for Development.


We appreciate the longstanding support and relationship we have with our partners. Thank you for being the primary change agents of Oxfam’s endeavours to reduce poverty and empower communities. We have come a long way on the road to harnessing peace and ensuring social justice. We are extremely grateful for the continued cooperation and collaboration we have had over the years and we hope to continue this journey for years to come.

Pineeh Pinooh issue 1: Khmer I English