Pineeh Pinooh Issue 1

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Our stories

    Innovative Farming Practices Lead to Food and Financial Security
    Community Scoring for Social Accountability
    Understanding Her Rights to Ensure Her Safety
    My Problem, My Solutions
    Rice Farmers to Use Technology for Fair Prices
    Say No to Plastic! Oxfam Team Cleans The Streets
    Living in Fear, a Price Too Steep for People of Mekong


    H.E. Say Samal, Minister, Ministry of Environment
    Ms Kounila Keo, Young Entrepreneur and Blogger
    Ms Dam Chanthy, Indegenous Tumpoun, Director of Highlander Association
    Mr Ret Sovannpunleu, Outreach Worker, Men's Health Cambodia

Pineeh Pinooh issue 1: Khmer I English