Regional Learning Workshop: Innovative Integrated Development Solutions to Advance Women’s Empowerment

Ork Norng, Regional Learning Workshop: Innovative Integrated Development Solutions to Advance Women’s Empowerment
Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 01:00 to Friday, January 26, 2018 - 10:00

Oxfam is hosting a regional learning workshop on “Innovative Integrated Development Solutions to Advance Women’s Empowerment” focusing on how innovative development programs working inclusively to support women expand their ability to succeed and advance economically so that they have the power to make and act on strategic life decisions.

Promoting Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) is seen as one of the most important driving forces behind reducing poverty and aiding economic growth. Thus this sharing workshop will bring relevant stakeholders together including government, I/NGOs, donor agencies, private sector representatives and acadamies being active in the field of women’s economic empowerment and community resilience development to share methods and approaches on a broad perspective but also to present concrete success stories/case studies to analyse the effects of programs or projects on women economic empowerment.

It will be both a scoping exercise to review the effectiveness of current interventions and a way of reflecting on the opportunities to bring relevant experiences up to scale with the final objective to improve Women Economic Empowerment.

The specific objectives of this workshop is to showcase practical experiences on how to incorporate WEE into program delivery in a wide range of sectors including agriculture, gender-based violence and women leadership, reproductive health, livelihoods and SMEs, urban migration, financial inclusion, MFIs and mobile banking, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, guidelines and policies.

It is aimed to inspire and motivate development programs willing to invest more on WEE by providing:

  • Success stories, case studies and lesson learned concrete examples;
  • Identifying key learning priorities and new process and/or products to address them;
  • Increasing cross-collaboration among stakeholders, especially governments, donor agencies and the private sector via facilitating knowledge/experience exchanges, networking and mutual support on program intervention;
  • Engaging in more investment from private sectors and donor agencies in WEE programs.

Download: Agenda Day 1 and Day 2

What the workshop will give you

Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) has become a pressing priority in recent years, as governments, the private sector, and donor agencies recognise its potential to simultaneously catalyse economic growth and contribute to broader human development.

However, programs often do not know ‘where to start’ when it comes to integrate WEE into their program.

The learning workshop will facilitate an exchange and sharing on practical lesson learned within existing programs, clarifying steps on the way from a basic minimum to achievement of the full potential in WEE program. It would provide opportunity to connect innovative program to resources available of donors’ investment.

The workshop will look beyond WEE activities and examine the transformative nature of WEE that enables it to act as a platform/catalyst of change enabling other forms of development to be realized. The four main themes to be explored during the workshop are as follows:

Private Sector Engagement Through Value Chain Development

Gain insight into the effect WEE can have on all levels of a value chain using Cambodian rice production as a case study. This session will take the form of a panel discussion between a representative from the private sector, a broker, a buyer, a farmer’s representative and an INGO agent.

Operationalizing Women’s Economic Empowerment: Political and Social Impacts

Women’s Economic Empowerment is only one part of Women’s Empowerment but it also plays a key role in catalyzing other facets of empowerment. This session examines how WEE, and the formation of inclusive finance platforms specifically, can lead to the political and social empowerment of women.

The Transformative Nature of Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Catalyst for Change

WEE as a platform for development: this session takes case studies from across the region that have used Oxfam’s Saving for Change WEE model and used it as a springboard to achieve other development outcomes in the areas of domestic violence, climate change, adaptation, natural resource management, etc.

Mapping Connections and Opportunities

The final interactive session will provide an opportunity for different stakeholders to engage with one another and learn about WEE projects across the region. In addition, challenging questions will be posed to the participants as a whole such as ‘What is the sustainability of WEE models like Saving for Change’? ‘What are the challenges faced in implementing WEE Projects in the region (political climate, access to finance, etc.)?’ A final wrap up session will summarize key learnings, make connections and linkages across sessions as well as facilitate an action plan for future engagement and development.

Date and venue

The learning workshop will be organized in Siem Reap province of the Kingdom of Cambodia between 25-26 January 2018 at Angkor Paradise Hotel.

Target participants

  • Representatives from communities
  • Representatives from donor agencies
  • Representatives from the private sector
  • Representatives from the governments
  • NGO practitioners and partners from Asia and the Pacific countries specifically Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Nepal.

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Regional Learning Workshop: Innovative Integrated Development Solutions to Advance Women’s Empowerment: This booklet includes an introduction about the workshop abstract and biography of speakers and moderators, agenda and participants list. Download: Booklet About The Workshop

Saving for Change: Stories From The Field: This booklet is a collection of stories from the field collected by Oxfam and partners in various Saving for Change project. Until now, the program had positively impacted the lives of poor and marginalized people to improve their family economics, e.g, they increased income through small-scale businesses. People changed their saving behavior, improved their financial practice, build their social asset and increase their participation and leadership. Download: Saving for Change: Stories From The Field


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