Jui Knia - Keep hearts and doors open to refugees

សូមអាន និងចុះហត្ថលេខា

Dear World Leaders,

Right now, over 65 million people are being driven from their homes, threatened by death and destruction, leaving some of the most vulnerable (yet incredibly resilient) men, women and children without a safe place to live. These people have homes, they have family, and they have memories. If they were offered a choice, who would choose to leave their home with no other place to go?

In Cambodia 40 years ago, prolonged political turmoil and civil war almost killed our entire nation. Thankfully , we were saved, we were given hope, and many of us that were able to escape were welcomed to start a new life in another country. But what if the world had turned its back on us and shut the door during our time of crisis?

We have learnt, through our time of crisis, that Cambodian values are universal values. We help each other. #JuiKnia

We understand the difficulties and the concerns each of our countries could face; however, shutting the door to millions of vulnerable families and children only causes further suffering. We know because we too have experienced this.

As citizens of Cambodia and of the world, we urge you, World Leaders, to keep your doors and hearts open for those refugees in need as you did 40 years ago in our time of crisis.

Our voices have the power to hold world leaders to account and push them to act collectively.

Thank you for listening to our voices.

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