What we do

Oxfam in Cambodia is working towards a future where Cambodians, especially women and youth are empowered to hold government and others with power to account so that they can build a resilient society free from poverty and injustice. To make this vision a reality, Oxfam focuses on working with others to find lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We believe that this goal can only be achieved when Civil Society, communities, the State, private sector, media and all other stakeholders work together to drive change. 

Women, youth and other marginalized communities are empowered to be active citizen to take leadership roles to hold government accountable toward social protection and enhancing civil society engagement for positive societal change toward sustainable development.
Resilience, Ouch Savy
We work with vulnerable small-scale farmers, especially female farmers, in selected areas so that they are better prepared for and can cope with climate change and natural disasters, including floods and droughts.
Natural Resource Governance
The NRG program aims to support women and men, especially indigenous people, in the rural areas of Cambodia to realize their right to take control of and gain benefits from Cambodia’s natural resources (land, water, extractives, forest and fisheries) and secure sustainable livelihoods.