Who we are

Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 affiliates operating together in 94 countries with development programs in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, across Asia and in parts of Eastern Europe. We are working together to end world poverty and injustice. Click HERE to see our work worldwide.

In Cambodia, Oxfam has supported development of the country for almost four decades and it continues with a strong commitment to Cambodians, especially women and youth as well as other marginalized groups. Hence, People living with disabilities, LGBTQI people, Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities, women facing exploitation, abuse or violence, and age discriminated vulnerable groups are being empowered to peacefully hold government and others with power accountable so that they can realize their rights to build a resilient society free from poverty and injustice. There are three programme pillars: Inclusive Green Economy and Finance, Voices for Change and Natural Resource Governance.

Our way of working

Oxfam takes an inclusive approach to development.

  • Our work is hallmarked by the design and implementation of evidence-based development initiatives built up from the perspective of the poor and the vulnerable with the prospect of scalable and lasting results.
  • We provide strategic oversight, technical assistance, skills transfer, finance and administrative support to local agencies and actors that partner with us so that they can champion these development results.
  • These designs are supported with ongoing research, monitoring, evaluation and learning so that we are continually working toward better practice in development.

Rights based approach

Oxfam pursues a Rights-based approach to development. While working to deliver fair, just and effective development outcomes, we do it through empowered participation delivering then positive transformation of power relations, attitudes and beliefs.

Who we work with

Success in International Development is reliant on a diversity of relationships and partners. At Oxfam, we work with emerging grassroots leaders, community groups, local and national NGO partners, regional and international development agencies, ethical investors, private sector emerging markets, research institutions, sub-national government and the Ministries of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

National Worker Forum on Social Protection for Informal Economy Workers, July 2022. Photo: Oxfam

Critical aspect of development

In all its programs Oxfam maintains a fundamental emphasis on Gender Justice and youth. We also focus on good governance and increasing the participation of the private sector.


In Cambodia, Women are facing political, social and economic inequality and violence against women and girls is still a common phenomenon. By putting women at the forefront of its work, Oxfam seeks to address this inequality as we are convinced that improving women's condition will benefit the entire Cambodian society.   


Cambodia has the youngest population in Southeast Asia with an estimated 250,000 youth entering the labour market every year. They aspire to having their perspectives and concerns being represented in national and sub-national development priorities. There is a need to help guide public and private sector policy and investment in the areas of education, training, health services, access to information and in supporting youth in raising their own voice.

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Please read more about our Goals and Mission. If you want to know more about how we work, who we work with and our progress against strategic goals, please visit our Accountability Pages.

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