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Natural Resource Governance

Oxfam is a confederation of 19 affiliates operating globally. In Cambodia, there are 4 Oxfam affiliates: Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Australia, Oxfam America, and Oxfam Great Britain supporting a wide range of development programmes including sustainable livelihoods, humanitarian relief and disaster preparedness, governance and civic engagement, agriculture and climate change, and saving-led microfinance. As part of Oxfam’s drive for aid effectiveness, each affiliate unites under ‘Oxfam in Cambodia’ or ‘Oxfam’ and the management team oversees all the above programmes on behalf of each affiliate.

Oxfam has supported Cambodia’s development since 1979, making it the first INGO operating inside Cambodia post Khmer Rouge genocide period. Working alongside Cambodians and the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) for almost 4 decades Oxfam has introduced programmes and interventions to suit the transforming process as well as the stages of economic and social development of Cambodia. There are three programme pillars: Resilience, Voices for Change and Natural Resource Governance.

Oxfam acknowledges significant economic growth that Cambodia has enjoyed owing to the country’s leadership and people from all walks of lives participation. Oxfam remains committed to Cambodia’s social and economic development for all. We continue to support and align all of the programmes with the RGC’s ‘Rectangular Strategy-Phase III and the National Strategic Development Plan which reaffirms the RGC’s commitment to ‘sustainable development and poverty reduction that respond to the people’s will and emerging contexts of national and international developments’.

Oxfam in Cambodia’s 2020 strategy aims to contribute positively to the RGC’s efforts ‘to promote economic growth, creating jobs, equitable distributions of the fruits of growth, and ensuring effectiveness of public institutions and management of natural resources’.

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