Singapore, The City of Firsts

Coldplay in Singapore, April 1st

Coldplay live in Singapore 2017, the biggest band in the world plays at National Stadium on 1 April 2017. ©Photo: Sam Neill

Oxfam are asking Coldplay fans to stand together with Coldplay in support of those fleeing to safety. Take your place in our human chain by signing our petition. Together we’ll show that they are not alone, and make sure world leaders know that we won’t

The oringinal article was published on 1 April 2017 on oxfamontour

We’ve just finished two AMAZING concerts in Singapore and it sure makes for an impressive first location for 2017.

Singapore will be a city of firsts for Oxfam on Tour this year. It’s the first time that I’m (Rachel) back on the road with the Coldplay family, returning to the tour after a 5 year gap. It’s a first for me to be firing a confetti cannon into the crowd! One of 16 cannons I might add. But best of all it’s the first time that Oxfam will be launching its global refugee campaign in Asia.

We spent many months last year on tour, talking to fans about Stand As One and shining a light on the horrific dangers and issues that millions of people are facing in the Middle East, Europe and South America as they flee conflict. To coincide with the Coldplay tour in Asia, it’s our turn to shine a light on the Asia region. 

Whilst we party in Singapore and talk to fans about Stand As One, our Cambodian friends are sharing stories and celebrating refugees through the launch of Oxfam’s refugee campaign, Juikania, in Cambodia. A campaign which highlights the need for people to stand together and not turn their backs on people fleeing conflict.

Cambodians know what it’s like to flee horrifying violence and persecution; to leave their homes and everything they know behind to save the lives of our families. Forty years ago, the bloody civil war and genocide brought by the Khmer Rouge killed more than 2 million people, a quarter of the then population. Thankfully, many of them were able to escape and start a new life in another country. But what if the world had turned its back and shut the door on them during their time of crisis? 

Cambodian migrants and refugees were welcomed by so many individuals and communities around the world. Slowly, they recovered, and many returned home to help rebuild. Despite our differences, these stories and experiences bring Cambodians together like nothing else.

Oxfam is sharing stories of hope - #JuiKnia – to help leaders around the world remember that their countries have welcomed refugees through the ages. Unless the current millions of refugees and migrants are greeted with the same open arms that welcomed Cambodians decades ago, we will only face further crisis, instability and division. You can read the stories of hope here.

So whilst we worked with fans in Singapore, our friends in Cambodia were also spreading the word of solidarity there. It just goes to show - it’s not just Coldplay fans that know how to share the LOVE.