Natural Resource Governance

Natural Resource Governance

The NRG program aims to support women and men, especially indigenous people, in the rural areas of Cambodia to realize their rights to take control of and gain benefits from Cambodia’s natural resources (land, water, extractives, forest and fisheries) and secure sustainable livelihoods.


  • Youth and women are empowered to realize their right to participate in the good governance of natural resources processes and decisions.
  • Cambodian government improves and enforces relevant policies in accordance with international principles and standards related to natural resource governance.
  • Private companies change their behaviors and corporate policies towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and perform responsible and transparent business operations.

To achieve the program objectives, the program will adopt combined strategies by:

  • Providing effective capacity development to NGO partners, natural resource (NR) dependent communities, government officers from line ministries, and private sector for better policy formulation and enforcement related to natural resources.
  • Working with partners to organize NR depende6nt communities, support networking and learning, and multi-stakeholder dialogues between CSOs, government, and private sector to debate on NR issues.
  • Working with media to increase public attention, respond and support on promoting sustainable natural resource management.
  • Working with other donors and like-minded groups to influence for better policy changes. Participating in relevant technical working groups / mechanisms to provide inputs for policy change; promoting CSR and FPIC to companies.
  • Promoting cross-country learning for private companies at a regional level regarding CSR standards and best practices, promoting peer learning and providing recognition to good-practice companies, helping them to serve as role models for other companies.

Our partners

There is two regional programs based at Oxfam Cambodia: Water Governance and Extractive Industries. Below is their partners:

Water Governance Program

Extractive Industries Program