Together We can Make It Happen

Climate Change Matters

In Cambodia, around 80% of the population live in rural areas and more than 70% rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. The agricultural sector accounts for roughly 35% of the GDP and employs a large majority of the population. Food and agriculture sector are affected in a major way by systematic and natural factors.  Systemic factors include the socio-political dynamics that lead to land and water grabs. Natural factors include the climatic variations that compound existing problems in the food and agriculture sector.

Wild weather and unpredictable seasons are changing what farmers can grow and are making people hungry. Food prices are going up while food quality is going down. Soon, climate change will affect what all of us can eat. More extreme weather and more disasters mean more hunger.

How we campaign

Oxfam campaigns side-by-side through our local partners with our supporters through on and off line tools designed to change behaviour and bad policy and practice. We use digital tools to mobilize supporters, raise awareness and call for joint action. Through campaigning, we promote the rights of local people, mitigate negative impacts of private investment and promote socially and environmentally responsible business practices. So far, we support the international campaign team on GROW, Event It Up and the Violent Against Women campaign.