Media contacts

Oxfam welcomes the opportunity to work with the media to increase awareness of our movement for change. Our communications team handle media requests professionally, respect media requirements and respond in advance of deadlines. We encourage media partners to send us their inquiries by email so that we can manage and respond effectively.

Please send emails to the address below if:

  • You are interested in Oxfam's work and would like to be one of our media partners. We can keep you up to date with what we are doing and about our press releases.
  • You would like some story inspiration on natural resource governance, climate change and disaster related issues, or how we work to promote youth and women engagement. We can arrange a meeting with a specialist team who can share with you in detail.
  • You'd like to arrange an interview with a specialist project team member.

Press contact:

Ms. Naratevy Kek
Communications Coordinator
(+855) 23 885 412