2019 Resolution, H.E. George Edgar, EU Ambassador to Cambodia

2019 Resolution, H.E. George Edgar, EU Ambassador to Cambodia

H.E. George Edgar, EU Ambassador to Cambodia. Photo: EU

“We are always learning lessons on how to work better, in our work directly with the government and through civil society. I wish Pineeh Pinooh’s readers all happiness, success, and prosperity for 2019”

In 2019, we will continue to work closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia and with civil society partners toward the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cambodia. The SDGs are the framework for everything we do in Cambodia. We are keen to make sure that Cambodia's record in implementing the Sustainable Development Goal is as good as it has been in implementing the Millennium Development Goals. One of the things in a broader context which is very important for this year is making sure that all of us take seriously the challenges, the threats, the crisis of climate change and reflect that seriousness in the way we respond to those challenges. At a global level we have to greatly increase our level of ambition.

The EU supports a big program on education reform, focused on pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education. The EU Delegation will also continue to support the Ministry of Economy and Finance on the Public Financial Management Reform program to ensure continued improvement in domestic revenue collection and spending that effectively serves the needs of the people.

The EU is currently in the process of launching a new phase of its involvement in support of the fisheries sector - both aquaculture, where there is big potential in Cambodia, and capture fisheries. It is important to make sure that fisheries contribute effectively to people’s livelihoods and nutrition in Cambodia. But it is also important to focus on conservation of the resource to make sure it is not over-used or damaged by development around the rivers and the lake.