Community Scoring for Social Accountability

Citizens are scoring the commune services at Prich Village, Svay Rieng province. Photo: STARKampuchea

I personally felt the change in our health centre since the Implementing the Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) began
Soeurng Rachany

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The community scorecard is a tool used in the implementation of the Social Accountability Framework in Cambodia. It is a citizen-driven accountability measure for the assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation of service deliveries.

STAR Kampuchea uses the community scorecard in their target area for citizens to evaluate the service delivery of health centres, communes and schools. It provides citizens with the opportunity to provide feedback and improve service deliveries corresponding to their needs.

Oxfam in Cambodia works in partnership with STAR Kampuchea since 2016 to implement ISAF in Svay Rieng province. Oxfam believes that ISAF will bring about local democracy and improve essential service deliveries for the poor. To success, it needs long-term commitment and collaboration among relevant ministries at national level, service providers, demand-side and CSOs.

Improving service deliveries

Soeurng Rachany lives in Chres Commune, Chantrea District, Svay Rieng Province. She got married in 2015 and has one son. “It was extremely hard to get access to the services of the Health Centre,” said Rachany, talking to the commune accountability facilitator in the health centre. During her pregnancy, Rachany used services at the health centre. In addition to the difficult road conditions she had to cover to reach the health centre, only a limited amount of medicine was available. There was not enough staff for a full day’s operation. Sanitation was also a main issue for the villagers. However, they still used the health centre because they could not afford the cost of treatment at a private clinic.

During a meeting including the director and staff of the health centre together with a citizen’s representative from the commune, all issues related to the health centre were raised and put into the Joint Accountability Action Plan (JAAP). “I personally felt the change in our health centre since the Implementing the Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) began. I observed that more medicine is available, more nurses come to work and, most of all, sanitation has improved. I think this may be the result of ISAF,” said Rachany.