Cycling On a Path to Progress

Sreyneang, Cycling On a Path to Progress

Sreyneang is struggling to cross the wooden bridge Near Chreav Waterfall, Kampong Speu province. Photo: Leng Len

“I did a 5 stars rating on the review section and firmly stated ‘’ One Day, I will work for you- meaning Oxfam”
Sreyneang Krech, HR Volunteer

One of Sreyneang Krech’s favourite hobbies is cycling. While cycling, she is aware of every movement her body makes and has time to take a closer look at her surroundings. While cycling, she feels she can see the real Cambodia, what people do to make ends meet and their interactions with the world around them.

It also is a great way to keep in touch with her friends and mentors. Sreyneang cycles with a group in the provinces called “Girls on Bicycles”, a group of feminists and social workers from different fields. They talk about women’s empowerment and their love of sports.

She also talks with them about her time volunteering at Oxfam. Sreyneang learnt about Oxfam through social media in 2015, vowing one day to work for them. Now, she has finished up her four month stint as a volunteer in HR.

“Working environment at Oxfam is not like any other place I have experience before, it really is diverse,” she said.

“I have colleagues from many different parts of the world like Lao, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Australia, America, The UK, and all the lovely Cambodians.

“I absolutely love this diversity because this kind of workplace is full of creative and innovative problem-solvers.”

Under the supervision of her HR Manager, Sreyneang was able to thrive and improve her weaknesses and sharpen her strengths, despite her lack of experience.

She also had the opportunity to attend ICT staff training and had access to online learning support, called Okta. These platforms offer training which allow staff from different departments to explore and meet with trainers from across the globe.

“I completely fell in love with this tool since I always have a hungry mind urging never to miss anything related to learning more and knowing more, so Okta is one of the best working online source for learning,” she said.

She also had access to Oxfam’s Facebook via Workplace, which connects Oxfam staff from around the world to share information and create a powerful network.

While her time at Oxfam is over, Sreyneang said the skills she learned will last a lifetime.

“It is incredible and well-worth a try,”