Meet our passionate Voice Ambassadors - Cambodia NOW-Us! Awards

Inspired by the global NOW–Us! Awards, a joint partnership between Voice and the Spindle, NOW-Us! Award Cambodia is initiated. The NOthing about us Without Us! (NOW-Us!) Cambodia is looking to honour ONGOING initiatives that are led by and have been fully developed by the rightsholder groups and/or communities themselves to promote/demand their diversity and inclusion in society.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh, the NOW-Us Award organizer of Voice Cambodia has successfully recruited 5 Voice ambassadors who are professionals, influencers, and well-connected individuals that have knowledge, experience, and skills in working with or a member of the community of each rightsholder group. Their important role is to:

  • Spread the word about the upcoming NOW-Us Awards in their community
  • Share recommendations to the organizer team to ensure inclusiveness and accessibility of the Bootcamp to make sure we leave no one behind
  • Share recommendations of content/materials to use while delivering the Bootcamp

Let’s hear a passionate quote from our Voice Ambassadors:

“Everyone is part of society, and important to be included in all the societal processes. I don't remember exactly when and how this "none of us is free unless everyone is free" become deeply resonate with my life. It's beyond motivation.” Mr. Yeang Sethsamprathna, Voice ambassador of youth and elderly group.

“I'm a feminist and advocate for gender equality as well as the dismantling of the patriarchy. No one should be left behind or made to feel like they are less worthy. I aim to create inspiration through my art and blog.” Ms. Catherine Harry, Voice ambassador of Women facing exploitation, abuse, and/or violence groups.

“I have been through and faced many challenges just to be myself “who I am” and I want to be part of a movement for positive change on LGBTIQ + issues as well as equal rights like everyone else.” Chhoeurng Rachana, Voice ambassador of LGBTIQ+ group.

“I firmly believe that my knowledge, skills, and experience as a person with a disability will contribute to people with disabilities by strengthening their leadership skills. I am the co-founder of Inclusion+, which is a platform that empowers people with disabilities to access employment opportunities.” Ms. Treng Kuy Chheng, Voice ambassador of the people with disabilities group.

“I can contribute to empowering and supporting Indigenous youth in leadership, management, bilingual education, legal support, capacity building, and strengthening networking.” Mr. Ngach Samin, Voice ambassador of Indigenous People and/or ethnic minorities group.

Please stay tuned for many upcoming innovative and exciting events of the NOW-Us Award. Please follow us on Oxfam in Cambodia and IHPP for the upcoming innovative online Bootcamp and pitching and Award ceremony event for the winners of the NOW-Us Award Cambodia 2021.

Welcome ambassadors onboard