Perspectives: Responsible and Inclusive Business, Sreyneang Krech, Consumer

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I think everyone has heard the phrase “the customer is king.”

A cliché, yes, but it is an important marketing concept. Can you imagine how long a company would stay in business if it failed to deliver what the customers wants?

Since every business has to listen to its customers, customers actually have more power and voice than they realize.

Consumers can, therefore, shape existing markets to become more sustainable and ethical. They can also inspire new innovative businesses.

There is proof of this. A perfect example of this is the rise in Green Businesses or Eco-friendly Businesses. This is due to the fact that people are starting to be aware of climate change and plastic pollution on land and in the ocean.

Many studies have already shown us the negative impacts of unsustainable businesses on humans and animals. We do not need more media stories to tell us how birds, fish and other marine animals are suffering from climate change or are currently stuck in plastics.

Therefore, don’t forget that you are “king.” You have the power to ask for a better society and environment.

Activate your power now by doing these five simple things:

  1. Start to be aware of social or environmental issues.
  2. Learn about products before you purchase them.
  3. Give a thumbs-up to ethical and environmentally-friendly businesses or any business that is in the process of becoming so.
  4. Don’t be afraid to file your customer complaint! There’s the word “customer” in the saying for a reason—it’s your voice. The more your use your voice, the better because you can inspire others to join too!
  5. A letter alone is not enough. Use social media too! You can like, share or comment directly to business owners about your concerns.