Stories Of The Asian Women Farmers

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Friday, October 21, 2016

This book is a tribute to all the women farmers across Asia. Let Oxfam take you through the joys and struggles that these women face on a daily basis, in their quest for basic rights and equality. Though diverse in context, these stories of real women portray a bonding of vulnerability, inspiration, determination and empowerment. We hope that the deep humanity you would find in these pages inspire you.

Women represent half of the agriculture labor force in Asia. Yet, they remain to be the most vulnerable; the most hungry; the most discriminated; and their voices, most unheard. We, as Oxfam, through our GROW campaign, aim to strengthen the voices of women farmers, by creating and opening up spaces for them to participate in dialogues and decision making. We empower small-scale farmers and work on numerous projects that aim to make them resilient to climate change.

It is through the GROW Campaign that we were able to meet these inspiring women, whose stories should be heard by the rest of the world. I strongly hope that through this book, you can appreciate the value that women farmers bring to their communities and to your own homes.

Text by: Kalayaan Constantino
Campaigns and Policy Manager
Oxfam in Asia