Protecting the forest before it’s too late
Phumi and her father traveled in the forest on a cart, tapping trees for resin used to make lacquer. He taught her the names of all the different types of trees. “I was very happy to see all the timber and wildlife in this forest back then, but now I am worried that the remaining trees and wild...
A Platform for Communities to Voice Out  and Claim for Their Land Rights
With funding support from European Union, the project in partnership with government stakeholders and five local NGOs established a platform called Access to Justice Committees (AJC) and the provincial-level Cambodia Land and Environment Action Network (CLEAN) to provide a space for local...
Natural Resource Governance
The NRG program aims to support women and men, especially indigenous people, in the rural areas of Cambodia to realize their right to take control of and gain benefits from Cambodia’s natural resources (land, water, extractives, forest and fisheries) and secure sustainable livelihoods.
Helping Farmers to Increase Yields and Knowledge
Farmers remain vulnerable to unreliable weather and climate change makes it even harder to predict rainfall. Since they rely on rainfall for cultivation and good yields are linked to a sufficient water supply, the timing of sowing is crucial.
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