Extractive Industries


Source: Integrity Cambodia https://bit.ly/2MjmKZh

In 2017, there were two major extractive projects that were fast moving which include 1) Oil Block A agreement was signed that allow Kris Energy, Singaporean Listed Company, starts its construction for oil extraction with forecast to have Cambodia’s first oil drop by end of 2019, 2) Okvao’s Gold extraction project, a 130 million USD project owned by Renaissance, Australian Listed Company, is developing and seeking approval from Ministry of Environment for their EIA report, and negotiating mineral contract with Ministry of Mines and Energy. 

The above mentioned outlook will, to some extent, pressure on transparency of revenue management, and social and environmental accountability. These pressures require strategic alignment amongst CSOs to ensure and enhance its credible roles in monitor government, and mining companies transparency, social and environmental performances.

In response to the rapid increase of the investment in this sector and to ensure good governance and transparency of revenue which will secure benefit of majority of the poor, Oxfam in Cambodia will position its values added to increase synergy amongst CSOs and prepare CSOs’ readiness to be critical friend to government ministries and mining companies in Extractive Industries Governance Forum (EIGF). Oxfam in Cambodia continue to work along side with both conservation and development NGOs to identify and influence critical mining projects and key selected policies/laws.


Nurturing CSOs spaces in dialogues with policy makers and company representatives; 

  • mineral licensing processes, 
  • policy development and enforcement
  • EIA process

Establishing multi stakeholder engagement with government and mining companies by promoting  EITI principles with the newly established Extractive Industries Governance Forum; 

  • Provide technical and finance support to local partners; 
  • Develop and introduce tools, researches like checklist, App, and guidance note for local partner, governance institutions and company.
  • Research, and study and policy analysis