Meas Sok Sophea inspires her fan to join Saving for Change

Meas Sok Sophea inspires her fan to join Saving for Change

After speaking with some SfC members and learning about their success, famous Cambodian singer, Meas SokSophea, encouraged people, especially women and youth to practice the SfC model.

In December 2015 nearly 139,000 people are collectively managing almost 6 million dollars.  These people have been building Saving for Change groups and making real decisions about their futures. To mark this success, Oxfam’s Saving for Change program and its local partners jointly celebrated the 10-year anniversary in Kampot on December 3rd, 2015.

At the event, approximately 4700 people from Ministry of Women’s Affairs,   international and local NGOs, farmers, youth, students, government and private institutions came together to celebrate the success of the program.

“I am very happy to participate to the event and I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to learn about Oxfam’s SfC,” Sophea said in front of hundreds of people during the concert in Kampot stadium, “If you want to make a change in your life, you can participate in this community saving. It will help improving your livelihood.”

Sophea was not the only expressing her enthusiasm for SfC. In fact many SfC members, including women and youth, shared their success stories, different perspectives, and common approaches in taking forward the community-based microfinance program. Farmers, youth and CBOs all displayed videos and photos of SfC activities that had been implemented in the past 10 years in Cambodia.

Oxfam and its partners saw the country interest in turning SfC into a countrywide platform as proof of the good work SfC has achieved.