Oxfam Hero

While a crowd of people standing and watching the victim of an accident bleeding and stuck in a bus without knowing how to help and who to ask for help, Samang Hour asked people to hand in the support and manage to rescue the victim successfully.

Samnang has been working as a driver for Oxfam for six years. He saw the crowd at around 7a.m. in front of Prekleap Agriculture College, about six kilometer from the town, when he was driving his motobike to his brother's shop but the accident itself happened since 2am. Samnang said the bus hit Vat Ktor bridge. There were 8 passengers. All of them got injuries but it was not as serious as the driver and they all find way to the hospital by themselves leaving the victim who stuck and could not get out bleeding.

More and more people including police and ambulance are coming but they could not get the victim out and were waiting for their colleagues to come for help. 

Samnang stepped in. He asked two people to stand by the man and told them to keep talking and encouraging him. "I told them to tell the man it is ok, it will be ok, you've borne with this since 2a.m. please bear a bit more time, we will take you out from this," he said.

The victim asked for water since he had bleeding a lot but Samnang told the two men not to give him water but only some on his lips and face.

"I used to study first aid and the trainer used to say that in the accident like this where the victim had bleeding a lot, water is not allowed, otherwise he'll be in danger," said Samnang who received the first aid trainings several times from Oxfam and Care, the previous organization he worked with. 

Samnang decided to cut part of the van to rescue the victim. He asked people there to borrow saw and a group of people to take water from the nearby while waiting for fire truck.

"During cutting part of the van there might be fire so we need water," said Samnang who learn this through his old job as the motobike and car mechanic.

He was like a team leader managing a group of people during that situation. While cutting, the fire happened and the water he reserved helped. The fire truck finally arrived and the victim was finally rescued. One of the victim' left leg was cut during the accident but he survives.

"I did not think of anything at that time beside wanting to help the victim. I'm happy that we could help him," Samnang said and smiled. He added that the first aid training with Oxfam and Care plus the experience he had as motorbike and car mechanic helped him in rescuing the live of this victim.