BlocRice launching

Solinn Lim, Cambodia Oxfam Country Director, is doing welcoming and opening remarks. Photo: Oxfam

Oxfam Launches First Project in Cambodia, BlocRice

Today, Oxfam launches its first project in Cambodia called Blockchain for Livelihood from Organic Cambodian Rice​ (BlocRice) at the Institut Francais du Cambodge. There are 70 participants coming from private sector, civil society organization, University and media. This the first pilot project in Cambodia using blockchain technology to connect a network of people in the rice supply chain to ensure farmers are better and more fairly paid.

“Farmers gain collective bargaining power since agricultural cooperatives will be parties to the contracts,” said Solinn Lim, Country Director, Oxfam. "The launch gives stakeholders and members of the press the opportunity to discuss and learn how blockchain could be an innovative technology to promote the commercial viability of organic rice and contribute to bettering the livelihoods of small-scale farmers," Solinn added.

Oxfam started piloting BlocRice since April 2018. he goal is to promote a “smart contract”, a three-way digital contract farming agreement between organic farmers, rice exporter and buyers in the Netherlands. The application of blockchain technology is expected to enhance the negotiation power of small-scale farmers in their rice value chains, who are usually poor primary producers.

After this pilot project, the team will look for opportunity to scale up and share good lesson learnt. 

A panel discussion on "Blockchain Technology for Economics, Sustainable Agriculture, and Social Compliance in Organic Rice Supply Chain of Small-scale farmers" to further understand how blockchain could be an innovative technology to promote the commercial of organic rice and contribute to livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Cambodia. Speakers are Mr. Phay Cheth, Program Coordinator, Oxfam, Mr. Chhay Lem Lim, Co-Founder Serey Platform, Ms. Solinn Lim, Country Director, Oxfam and Mr. Saran Song, Chief Executive Officer, Amru Rice Cambodia Co., Ltd.