Pineeh Pinooh

Pineeh Pinooh

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Dear Friends,

I am very excited to share with you the inaugural issue of our Pineeh Pinooh quarterly newsletter. This title was overwhelmingly selected by our enthusiastic colleagues and friends who helped us launch it. Literally, Pineeh Pinooh means “about this and that” and it refers to simple conversations on various topics ranging from domestic to political affairs that matter to everybody.

We want Pineeh Pinooh to contribute to knowledge sharing and learning with regard to Cambodia’s socio-economic and democratic developments. It therefore seeks to work with our partners and supporters, donors as well as fellow Oxfam colleagues, to better share lessons learned and tell impact stories of the people we work with and to bring to light policy opportunities to help the Cambodian people we work with as they work hard to sustain their escapes from poverty.

I was born when Cambodia was a war-torn and poverty-stricken country. As a Khmer woman I am very proud of Oxfam’s mission to fight poverty and social and economic injustices; it fits right in with my convictions. I have shared with many of you that coming back to Cambodia to serve as Oxfam’s country director was one of my dream jobs.

Oxfam has been supporting the Cambodian people in their development since 1979. Back then, it was a humanitarian relief intervention in which Oxfam tried to meet the Cambodian people’s basic needs for foods and shelters. Cambodia has since transformed remarkably with its sustained economic growth rate at 7% to date.

Following Cambodia’s development path, Oxfam’s intervention too has transformed over four decades. If you asked me what Oxfam should do in a lower middle-income country like Cambodia where the debate is no longer about ‘resources lacking’ but ‘resources governance’, I would say that it is still imperative for Oxfam to continue working with the Cambodian people. It must help them unleash their potential to truly realize inclusive growth and greater social accountability especially for vulnerable groups. We believe that “no Cambodian should be left behind”. Oxfam is committed to work with all stakeholders to find lasting solutions to complex poverty issues.

To conclude, I would like to make an appeal for your contributions, dear readers! Under the section Perspectives, we want to highlight the views of many actors in Cambodian society on a wide range of important topics. So send us your opinion pieces to and the most inspiring ones will be published!

I hope you enjoy our first issue of Pineeh Pinooh!        

Best wishes,