Press Release: Toward Responsible Mineral Development in Cambodia

Friday, November 22, 2019

Download: Press Release in Khmer | Agenda

Oxfam together with 13 civil society organizations organize the 8th Extractive Industries Governance Forum (EIGF) today under the theme “Toward Responsible Mineral Development in Cambodia” on 22 November 2019 at Cambodiana Hotel. The forum is a multi-stakeholder platform chaired by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, with registered membership of oil gas and mining companies, and 14 civil society organizations.

The forum enables participants to share and dialogues on wide ranges of agendas including three main panel discussions on local communities perspectives on Extractive Industries, Responsible Mineral Development and Benefit to Local Community. In addition to that, the forum will cover the updates from most advanced mineral exploration and exploitation projects in Cambodia.

H.E Suy Sem, Minister of Mines and Energy, who join to open the forum said: “To date, Extractive Industries Governance Forum EIGF has proven important progresses and achievements of a role model of critical partnership among all key stakeholders in promoting sustainable and responsible development of natural resources sector of Cambodia. Step by step, the forum becomes an effective model of strategic dialogues and exchanges among key players: private sector, government, and civil society organizations in the extractive industries governance in Cambodia.”

Ms. Priscilla Ngero, Interim Country Director of Oxfam in Cambodia, said “We, CSOs who are members to EIGF, appreciate the shared ownership and responsibility to make this forum meaningful and inclusive. Responsible mining cannot be realized without responding to concerns and needs from communities especially indigenous communities and women.”

Managing Director of Emerald Resources NL (ASX :EMR), Mr Morgan Hart said: “Through our Cambodian entity Renaissance Minerals (Cambodia) Limited, we are delighted to be working with all stakeholders during this very exciting time for Cambodia as we progress development of the Okvau Gold Mine situated in the Mundulkiri province. Okvau is set to become the first large scale modern mine in Cambodia and together with stakeholders our focus is on setting the benchmark for a Responsible Extractive Mineral Industry that we can all be proud of.”

There will be representative from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas Companies, Commune Councilor, and local community members from Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri, and Preah Vihear, Research institution and, CSOs and youth groups.

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