Meet Our Team

Asisah Man, Land Governance Coordinator: A graduate in development studies, Asisah joined Oxfam in April 2013 after working several years with an Oxfam partner, a local NGO. I thank Oxfam for supporting these brave woman leaders across the globe, help them tell their wonderful stories and encourage other women to stand for social equity. READ MORE

Boren Nou, Voice Finance Officer: Boren has over 13 years’ experience in the field of administration and finance. “Oxfam provides me opportunities to get involved with many different programs and project activities, to meet and become familiar with its partners, share my knowledge with them and broaden my own vision.” READ MORE

Bunly Than, Social Protection Program Officer: “Oxfam’s program is well-designed and implemented. As a Program Officer, I have learned a lot about partnership and providing direct inputs. In Oxfam, I can learn about other projects from local NGOs which enlarges my perspective and builds my confidence in working with partners and offering consultation services to them. I am really excited to be involved in social protection. It is new for me, and I can see meaningful impacts." READ MORE

Chamroeun Pang, Administration and Logistic Coordinator: Since she was a student, Chamroeun had always wanted to work with an NGO. Chamrouen joins Oxfam in 2013. "I am proud because my job is to support programs. Oxfam’s programs are beneficial. They help the Cambodian government and people on social issues with the aim of development. I treasure my contribution to all of these." READ MORE


Kanika Chan, Human Resource Manager: “I have learned a lot from Oxfam about different laws and policies from networking at the regional level and from other senior managers. Oxfam is a learning organization in which everyone including me has many opportunities to grow." READ MORE

Khim Sok, Natural Resource Governance Program Manager: Having gained 20 years development experiences, Khim has been working in different sectors ranging from disaster management, resilience, climate change, gender, and natural resource management. He has been with Oxfam for more then 15 years. He has strong commitment with Oxfam as he shared personal value along with Oxfam  to ending injustice, poverty, and suffering in the society. READ MORE

Mainul Khan, Finance and Operation Manager: Originally from Bangladesh, Mainul arrived in Cambodia 10 years ago. He is a graduate of Business Management and Finance, in Malaysia. Mainul works closely with Oxfam’s partners, supporting them and monitoring the projects.  "I feel proud to work for Oxfam. It is known worldwide and has a very good reputation. The working environment is very pleasant with friendly people. The organization offers good capacity building for staff and partners. READ MORE

Naratevy Kek, Communications Coordinator: “I’m proud to be part of this organization and team, to join a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to the mission of eradicating poverty and injustice. READ MORE

Natacha KIM, Responsible Business Coordinator: Franco-Khmer, Natacha was born in France, where she graduated in Public Law. As she was often visiting Cambodia, it struck her that she wanted to move there to help the country in its aspiration for a better future. “I felt my life could have a much bigger impact in Cambodia, and I wanted to reconnect with simple and fulfilling things.” Natacha coordinates two projects focusing on responsible investments and business. READ MORE 


Phearin Seng, IT Officer: Oxfam’s high commitment to help society is the reason I decided to join the team. With my IT knowledge and experience, I can support all staff and project teams to help people more effectively. READ MORE


Phalla Yin, Executive Assistant to Country Director: “Oxfam is an organization that helps vulnerable people such as women, children, elderly people and informal workers. I’m thrilled to work for the organization because I want to see those people have better lives. READ MORE

Samnang Hour, Driver: “Oxfam is like my second home. It supports me to learn beyond my role and responsibilities. It builds my self-confidence in my work." READ MORE

Seihak Kho, Finance Officer, Natural Resource Governance Program: "Oxfam cares about staff harmony by providing good budgets for staff development, ongoing education and promotion of gender and highlighting the value of women. That’s what I like about Oxfam." READ MORE

Solinn Lim, Country Director: As a Cambodian, born and raised through war time, stringent poverty and patriarchal society of Cambodia, Solinn told staff that she is thrilled to take on this role for 2 reasons: "on a personal level, I can give back to Cambodia through a more impactful one Oxfam; and on professional level, I have a privilege of a life time to work alongside all of you, who are smart, competent and hardworking, who share my belief in one Oxfam and its mission." READ MORE

 Sotheary Meng, Senior Finance Officer: Having spent over 14 years working in the field of finance with international organizations, Sotheary has a deep understanding of budget management. She works closely with Oxfam’s partners in the area of finance, produces financial reports and gives recommendations to partners for better performance. READ MORE

 Sokha Srey, Voice Grant / Partnership specailist: “Oxfam’s Voice project inspires me. It puts me in touch with disadvantaged groups who face marginalization and discrimination. I love being at their side supporting them.” READ MORE

Sreyneang Heng, Grant Coordinator: “I am inspired by Oxfam’s working system that encourages women to undertake critical work. It provided me the necessary time to get in step. I was encouraged by the management team and enjoy a good teamwork relationship in Oxfam.” READ MORE

Virack Prum, Finance Officer, Natural Resource Governance Program and Women's Economic Empowerment Project: "I am very much appreciated working with Oxfam team and counterparts on the new things. Under my assignment I support 15 local partners and I’m proud that I could support them while gaining more knowledge and skill to fulfill my competencies." READ MORE

Vanna Bun, EU-ACCESS Project Officer: With almost 20 years experience, Vanna has been working to empower individuals and communities for conflict resolution to build peace and justice to reduce violence and injustice in Cambodia. His vison is to see democracy, human rights and laws that can build sustainable peace and justice for a better development in Cambodia. READ MORE

Visal Tan, Social Protection Program Coordinator: "I love to see increased job security in society, freedom of speech for people in general and youth in particular, and worker empowerment—people living better and being treated better." READ MORE


Bernadette Victorio, Regional Program Lead: Currently, Bernadette leads Oxfam Novib’s regional program, Fair Finance Asia, which aims to accelerate policy implementation and action on sustainable finance and responsible cross-border investments across Asia. READ MORE

Channarath Yim, Finance Coordinator: “It has been an especially rewarding and enriching experience to coordinate the financial and operational aspects in nine different country partners where FFA implementing this programme.” READ MORE

Cheth Phay, Contract and Administration Manager: "I am delighted to work with many talented and energetic people including Oxfam employee and partners across the region to increase adequate financial services for pro-poor and inclusive economic development by reducing the negative impact of national and cross-border bank investments in Asia on human rights, environment and climate change." READ MORE

Hongyee Tan, Junior Program Officer: "Oxfam is an enriched learning platform where I can acquire prosperous professional experiences toward my career aspiration. I am very proud being a part of this global agent of change in ending poverty and social injustice.” READ MORE

Nirnita Talukdar, Communication Specialist: “Oxfam is a global movement, which has consistently worked towards reducing inequality and advancing the rights of vulnerable communities, especially women. Using a multitude of approaches, Oxfam’s advocacy has played a major role in spotlighting human rights violations and strengthening the policy action for sustainable development at the grassroot, national, regional and global arena. Fair Finance Asia, an Oxfam initiative, is a critical program for institutionalizing responsible finance in the region towards achieving a positive transformation.” READ MORE

Pavle Vizintin, MEAL Specialist: “For me, working for an organization that places accountability and empowerment at the core of so many projects is refreshing and invigorating. Seeing the work that our country partners do – their strong commitment to achieving positive outcomes for their stakeholders and communities – it is a truly phenomenal motivator to keep fighting the good fight.” READ MORE

Dao Le Cuong, ICT Specialist: '' I have over 15 years working for Oxfam GB, Oxfam Hong Kong and now Oxfam Novib as ICT Officer. Through my present work as an ICT Officer at Oxfam in Vietnam, responsible for providing information technology to support my colleagues in Hanoi office as well as Fair Finance Asia PMU member. In Fair Finance Asia PMU team, my responsibility is providing supporting for Communication team to develop Fair Finance Asia Website and other ICT facilities I am so proud to be part of Fair Finance Asia where I can work with many talented and energetic people including Oxfam employee and partners across the countries.''


Donna Mcskimming, Regional Program Manager for Asia: Donna oversights the Mekong Water Governance Program, Transboundary Rivers of South Asia (TROSA), Extractive Industries and People Protecting Their Ecosystem In The Lower Mekong (PEM). As a committed feminist she advocates and works for gender equality in her personal and professional life and is inspired by Oxfam’s commitment to putting women’s rights at the heart of all we do. READ MORE

Kaneka Keo, Mekong Basin Manager, Water Governance Program: Kaneka manages complex program structure/multi-program team across the region. From her role at Oxfam, Kaneka believes on inclusive development approach where people with disability/children and women is a primary change agent and inclusive business is the key toward sustainability and equity. READ MORE


Saneth Meas, Partnership Officer, Water Governance Program: The role enables him to contribute his experiences and skills to partners in the Mekong region by providing technical supports on partnership and grant management as well as on ensuring the compliance requirements by the back donors. READ MORE


Socheata Sim, Mekong Water Governance Program Manager: "In our work, we often receive stakeholders’ feedbacks on the difficulties to do gender inclusion and promote women’s leadership in the water resources work. Our experiences in delivering the Inclusion Project in the past 5-6 years demonstrate that women and river champions are able to and exercise their leadership to bring about changes at different levels in water resources protection and management..." READ MORE


Jyotiraj Patra, TROSA Manager: "TROSA draws its strength from Oxfam’s strong network of local and regional partners and alliances in achieving greater impact on the ground, and regionally. Together, we can turn the tide. READ MORE

Socheanik Suon, TROSA Project Officer: "I am Cambodian, but my work extends beyond the ASEAN region to South Asia, helping build better water governance systems and empowering women. I find this exciting and powerful, Thank you Oxfam.” READ MORE



Soknak Por, Project Coordinator: The empowerment and engagement of local people, especially women in natural resources management decision making is important for fair sharing of those resources and securing their livelihoods. READ MORE

Sophy Eng, Finance and Administrative Officer: “I am very exciting to be a part of Oxfam. Oxfam is not only a very well-known organization in Cambodia, but also a humanitarian and gender-based organization which allows me to contribute my knowledge and skill to help the vulnerable group and our society." READ MORE