Joining MOEYs to break Guinness World Record

Joining MoEYS To Break Guinness World Record

Today Oxfam and partner organization joined in partnership with Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to break Guinness World Record by gathering 2,500 youth to the largest practical business seminar at Koh Pich. The event also aim to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and to promote collaboration and coordination between sectors in support of young entrepreneurs.

“Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. It is our responsibility to give youth the opportunity to explore their potential and to prepare them for what might be ahead,” said H.E. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of MoEYS during the seminar.

The seminar is a good opportunity where they learn about what is entrepreneurship, how to run a self-employ business successfully, how to decide for Go or No-Go with an enterprise. There were approximately 2,500 youth coming from 24 provinces and cities across Cambodia.

There is roundtable discussion by the panelists from government officials, international organizations, NGO partners, educators, business representatives shared their view and experience in promoting entrepreneurship among youth and creating an enabling environment and eco-system for start-ups. It encouraged youth to dream of enterprise development.

Oxfam puts focus on youth as critical actors of change alongside a critical emphasis on good governance and increasingly the participation of the private sector to provide a great need to support youth raising their voice and exercise freedom of expression.

Promoting young entrepreneurs is seen as one of the most important driving forces behind creating jobs and aiding economic growth to develop the country. Oxfam believes that youth should be able to pursue their dreams. Getting jobs and making fair income can be a way to get there. With various projects, youth have received the opportunities to obtain knowledge and skills to get jobs or create their own economic opportunities at home.