Leadership Role And Young People

Leadership Role And Young People

គាត់ក្មេងចឹង ធ្វើជាអ្នកដឹកនាំបានដែរ? ស្រ្តីនៅតែផ្ទះចឹងត្រូវមានភាពជាអ្នកដឹកនាំដែរ?​

Young people are an agent of change, they have power, passion and drive positive growth in their society. In contrast, it effects worse situation if they got unfair treatment​​​ and inequality, especially young female.

Creating a space for young people to exercise their right and their role society is one among other priorities which Oxfam and its partner SILAKA.

“I am delighted with more knowledge, I gained. More interestingly, new experiences from other participants and the guest speaker on this interesting topic. Its clearly gave me more understanding on women’s issue and their roles in the current situation”, said Chhoun Sreype, a student from the National University of Management.

On December 23 with financial supports from Oxfam, SILAKA organized a consultative meeting with 25 young people from public representatives (88% female) to reflect the their role to strengthening young female in leadership role.

Aiming to create and giving opportunity in the decision-making, promoting gender equality, strengthening capacities to young people especially young female could take part and contribute to social and economics development. The meaningful participation of women reflects the quality of programme and policy for responsiveness.

“Through participation, I have shaded away my shyness and able to find out myself”, said Sreype.

Sroeung Chorvorn, a law student from the Royal University of Law and Economics and a member of the Joint of Youth Cambodia (JoY), encouraged young female to have more involvement to such kind activity. “I am a man, I take part in inspiring and encouraging women to move in the first line of leadership,” he added.

Writen by: Sorya Chan/JoY