Voice the Right Way

More than 36 participants including 17 women from 20 key actors who are working with and for the 5 Voice target groups have sat and worked together to revisit the VOICE theory of change and what changes have happened since 2016.

Ms. Chhun Tevy represented women with disability working in the formal sector for Life for the World Organization, has took a role as a co-facilitator. As a participant, I was very happy to get this chance to voice my opinion and space to lead as well as share my disability expertise. I feel so proud to be part of this journey.

“Voice project comes in the right time and right place for those five target groups. I really appreciate this grant facility,” said Mr. Tum Vira, HelpAge Cambodia’s Executive Director during the event.

Inclusion approach is one example model which VOICE rolled out in single intervention, and VOICE grantee must be considered.

Ms. Chheev Vorn, 43 years old, a chair of committee of Oyada district Chharay’s representative said that she was intrigued and tried to listen as the instructor gave well-explained details, and this is her first time to a meeting in Phnom Penh. 

Inclusion, Innovation, and Influence are the ways of working within Voice project. Indeed, we can prove ourselves through action.

Group picture with participants.