Fostering an Inclusive and shock Responsive Social Protection System in Cambodia (FIRST)

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FIRST aims to contribute to a stronger social contract between the Royal Government of Cambodia’s social protection institutions and the Cambodian citizens, by ensuring a more inclusive, rights-based and shock-responsive social protection system. By promoting the active participation and consultation of Cambodian civil society organisations (CSOs), the project will contribute to building trust and cooperation between rights holders and duty bearers.

The project intends to reach approximately 1,750,000 individuals, comprising of formal and informal economic workers (street vendors, market sellers, domestic workers, waste collectors, tuk-tuk driver, service workers, construction workers, farmers), people with disabilities, elderly people, women and children and ID poor households who are prone to risks and economic shocks.


  • Employ a Human Rights-Based and Inclusive Approach
  • Working with a nation-wide and groups of people and workers
  • Empower citizen’s representatives for social dialogue
  • Create strong national coalitions for more inclusive, and shock responsive social protection
  • Conduct awareness raising to foster greater understanding about social protection
  • Ensure gender responsiveness throughout the project
  • Strengthen the capacity of consortium members
  • Pilot social accountability mechanism for public feedback.

Sreytouch, a single mum, and her children lived under the bridge after they lost their job during the impact of Covid 19. Photo: Oxfam

Oxfam will lead the Social Protection for All (SP4ALL) consortium, drawing on complementary knowledge and expertise of five partners: