Finance for Development (F4D)

Finance for Development (F4D)


The need for more inclusive fiscal policy or fiscal justice is growing due to the increase of inequality and extreme poverty especially in developing countries. These include fair tax system and strategic use of public expenditure—the investments in health and education to improve human capital and healthy society.

The Finance for Development is the project aiming to make public finances accountable for the vulnerable groups. The project deepens on the current work on fiscal policy to increase the degree to which the budget contributes to pro-poor public spending especially in education and health sectors and social protection. We work with the government agencies, development partners, and civil society to improve accountability of national and local budget allocation and its execution especially in education, health and social protection.

The long-term outcome of the project is to see more women, youth, marginalized groups and other citizens benefit from higher quality and quantity of finance for development and enhanced fiscal system and a sustainable and inclusive financial and corporate sector, tackling extreme inequality.

The project aims to see more citizens enjoy their basic rights and financial inclusion and experience equal opportunity in more democratic society.

Focus Areas

Thematic Areas

The Finance for Development commits for the following thematic areas:

  • — Improve policies
  • — Strengthen Civil Society Organizations
  • — Increase citizens’ voice
  • — Building networks and alliances