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Phirum Dypharn

Like her mother, Phirum has seen many women devote significant amounts of time caring for elderly family members who are chronically ill and not able to balance it with participating in paid employment, pursue education or training, or engage in other activities outside of the home.

“What if these family members can have a trustworthy healthcare professional support them to care for their sick loved ones? If my mother had received such help, would she have been able to sustain the education of my older sibling after the passing of our dad? These were the questions that inspired me to go all out to establish MUCH mobile health care” Phirum explained.

When the number of patients started increase, Phirum realized that she needed more than passion to lead her purpose driven business. She needed expert guide to scale. By joining the Oxfam PRISME programme in Cambodia, Phirum has received strategic planning assistance, impact strategy advisory, leadership support and business linkages to build up her skills to take her enterprise to the next level and raise funds. She successfully received seed funding from Oxfam’s Superstar Competition and a Japanese foundation to launch her inclusive business function at the provincial level.

Phirum has grown from being just a founder of a leading mobile health care service in Cambodia to inspiring a generation of young women who believe they can be more – pursue a career and rise to leadership.

Phirum Dyphan